September 8, 2012

Spring! Today anyway.

It's that time again...  When the days are getting longer, the sun has a bit more warmth and the wood burning fire in our house is getting a rest (some days, and much to the cat's chagrin).  Soon, the clocks will Spring forward and after-work walks will be longer and dinner will be later. My favorite thing about this time in Dunedin?  Magnolia trees.  They are magnificent. Especially against the oldest buildings at the university. The rhododendrons aren't too shabby either. Ah yes, and the daffodils.

Of course it is also the still the time when we'll have at least one more multi-day session of bone-chilling temperatures accompanied with sideways rain and a snippet of hail.  And it is also the time when the wind decides to exhibit its true force, blowing all those gorgeous blossoms right off their branches and making you pull your coat tighter around you, cursing the fact that the next major landmass south of here is Antarctica.

So I must be quick and get out and have a look!  I'll walk the long way to work today.  Spring time relief is still early and fleeting, we're not outta the woods yet.



  1. I love these shots! The flower - lonely, but beautiful - is incredible. Wow!

  2. Write something more, please... ;)

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