September 20, 2011

It's the Small Things

It’s the small things.


Finally changing Word's default paper-size setting to A4 instead of Letter on my laptop.

Changing Word’s default spell check language to “English (New Zealand)” instead of “English (US)”.

Putting my US dollars and coins in a little bowl at the back of my dresser to await the next trip home. 

Swapping my Alaska drivers’ license out of my wallet to make room for my New Zealand one.

Buying a calendar with NZ holidays on it but having to look up the date of Thanksgiving on-line.

Thinking in Celsius and talking about 'litres per kilometre' not 'miles per gallon'. 

Spelling things with an “re” instead of “er” and with an “ou” instead of just “o”.

Going to “post” something instead of to “mail” it.

Waking up listening to Radio New Zealand instead of NPR.

Making ginger crunch instead of chocolate chip cookies.

Drinking tea... and still drinking coffee too. 

Lighting the fire and turning on the heat pump rather than adjusting the thermostat for central heating. 

Cooking more Indian and Thai at home instead of Mexican.

Cooking with real pumpkin instead of baking with canned pumpkin.

Using a bicycle everyday but putting the cross-country skis away. 

James wearing blue overalls to work instead of Carharts. 

Leaving my Xtra Tuffs in my mom's garage back home. 

Constantly searching for the international plug adapters so I can plug in my laptop, camera battery, Kitchen Aide and more.

Making jam from orchard fruits not wild berries.

Saying my birthday is the 20th of the 9th, not "September 20th" and celebrating that day in Spring, not Fall!


  1. Hi Molly! My name is Diane Morgan and I am an American living in NZ. I've seen your blog linked on a few other expat blogs and have been reading some of your stuff. I just wanted you to know that I've got a link to your blog on my site (!

    Hope you have a nice Christmas in the warmth! Always a funny time of year for me.

  2. Hello, (or I should say Kia Ora), I'm also an American living in NZ and stumbled onto your blog. I got a kick out of this post, as I can relate to almost all of it!!! It's wintry cold back home, (Utah), and I'm not missing it one bit! My husband and I are living in Takapuna (Auckland) for 18 months on assignment for our church, and we get to travel to many NZ places. Being a photographer I feel I've 'died and gone to heaven!' We were in Dunedin about a month ago and loved it there.

  3. Molly, I've just found some time to read parts of your blog. I like this entry -- I'm still making these adjustments on my side of the world too...