March 13, 2011

A Busy Few Weeks and a Nice Summer Sunday

It's been quite a busy few weeks since I last wrote.  Here's a few things that have gone on:

  • James and I had our 5 year anniversary!  Unfortunately we also had a doozy of a cold. We have yet to celebrate.
  • I had my "6 month review" and I am now *officially* a PhD candidate at Otago. After a TON of work, the review was very anti-climatic.
  • An article I wrote about older immigrants in NZ was accepted for publication in "Ageing and Society", a journal read only by academics interested in ageing, but hey, that's somebody!
  • I finally vacuumed the house.
  • Spurred on by Air New Zealand's announcement of an upcoming additional fuel-surcharge, I bought tickets to America for November 2011!  I'll be over there for a month! 
  • Thanks to a friend who is a physio, I have a new workout regime to help with some pain and headaches I've had since my bike crash. Thanks, Dan!
  • James took a couple of days and climbed Mitre Peak in Fjordland.  Conveniently, this trip took place right when I entered the insane "do not disturb me" mode leading up to the aforementioned 6 month review. 
  • I started teaching at university level for the first time ever - running 200 level anthropology seminars.
  • I got a hair cut.
After some weeks of ridiculous busy-ness and some anxiety, it was nice to spend this weekend relaxing in Dunedin.  We celebrated our friend Nick's birthday on Saturday night. On Sunday, we made the most of a sunny, warm day by hiking up the local Mr. Cargill with some friends. After not having much of a summer in the way of weather, this was a much appreciated, gorgeous day.

Relaxing in the sun on the summit of Dunedin's Mt. Cargill.

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  1. Yay for "officially" being a PhD candidate - very exciting! I've been looking at airfare to the States, too. Everything's just so up in the air right now what with the economy, fuel prices, having a baby... I think we're unfortunately just going to have to wait until a little bit later :-( But I found SUCH a great deal roundtrip to Chicago for NZ$1300 - my fingers were itching to buy it!

    Enjoy the rest of the summer :-)